Welcome to my Website.

Member of the Royal Photographic Society                                                          Christopher A Cosgrove 2013

"Like most photographers, I am constantly tweaking and trying to improve upon my website. It is my calling card and helps me to promote my professional photography business."  

This site is all about sharing and all the images on it are there because I would like to share my experiences with you the people of the World. While I create the photographs and by default, own the copyright, I do not own the images. They are part of this world, of time, of that moment in history, of someone or something whose beauty has been shown to me freely and without charge. I did not create what is there I only capture it as a memory. It is a fleeting moment in time and it costs me no more than the click of a shutter and the uploading of a file to this site.
The joy and beauty of the moment, the experience of seeing the view in that instant of time is mine forever and I am merely sharing it with you, as a photograph, but it is impossible for me to share the experience I obtained from it or the memory I keep within my soul of being there. I have that instant and that for me is enough, all I ask is that you credit me with having taken the Photograph and if you wish you can download it. If you like it you can buy it and the image will be yours to do with as you please. 

Visit my online shop and there you can see how to obtain any of my images Royalty Free.